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WingFoil LessonWingFoil Lesson

For this new 2020 season, the kitextrem kitesurf school offers Wingfoil lessons. A new spor, be...

Contact details

+33 (0)6 15 98 66 70

3100, Route de l'Almanarre
83400 Hyères les Palmiers

Code école : 83410


Diploma : Certificate of professional water sports

Stages and lessons

Our kitesurf lessons can take place in shallow waters or out at sea depending wind conditions always assisted by a security boat .
Whether your a begginner, or a confirmed rider, you will benefit to adapted lessons for your riding level.

Generally beginners start with three important stages :

  • Beach start : First kitesurf initiation, security rules, materiel preparation, how to rig a kite, first kite flying on the beach or in shallow waters, body drag (in the water), explination to understand weather conditions.

  • Lessons traction behind the boat, to get the first sensations of riding (like wakebording but with a kiteboard).
    Babord/Tribord.         Port side/Starboard

  • Water start : Your kite flying and body drag is now correct, the time has come to take a board and try your first water start.

The remaining lessons are consecrated to BOARD TIME, speed control, water start in both directions. And this is where the FUN really begins !!! There’s still a lot to learn… Our next objective is to improve your kite flying skills and board skills at the same time. To learn how to go upwind and continue towards being self sufficient.

Obviously everybody progresses at different speeds so we adapt lessons accordingly. No need to feel ashamed if you advance slower than the others, the important thing is to ENJOY yourself.

Advanced lessons can be varied according to the requirements of the participants. Our experiened instructor Fabien is able to give lessons ranging from simply mastering staying upwind to wave riding, jumps and other advanced techniques.

The lessons are limited at maximum 4 beginners per stage.
Theory lessons are available at customers demand.


Equipment :
The kitesurf materiel is renewed every year. All materiel is included in the lesson price (school’s materiel). Each participants will be equiper with the following : wetsuit, safety helmet, life jacket, harness.
Individual personnel protection equipment is authorised as long as it respects C.E standards.

The kites :

All materiel is included in the lesson/stage price (school’s materiel).
The kite is fabricated « SLINGSHOT RALLY » and comes in all sizes adapted for different wind conditions, weight and height of participants.




Kitesurf boards :

The boards « NINETY NINE » come in different sizes. Depending the level and progression of the participants.

For your confort we advise you to bring sun glasses adapted for water sports use, sun cream, sun block, waterproof gloves and socks (depending weather conditions and temperature).


General conditions

  1. Lessons :

    Each lesson has a maximum oh 4 beginners per instructor.
    The lessons are 3 hours long including preparation time.
    The meeting point and time will be arranged the day before by telephone, (depending wind conditions).
    If the weather conditions are not good enought, the day of the booking can be changed.

  2. Please Note :

    A medical certificate is required.
    The kitesurf licence is compulsory.
    To be able to swim over 50 metres(compulsory).
    For under 18’s : -parental permission
                              -swimming certificat over 50 metres.

  3. To bring:

    Sun glasses, sun block.

  4. Licence / Insurance :

    The souscription of a licence is compulsory and will be required. The licence is not included in the lesson prices (18 to 24€). The licence is a insurance cover in case of any incident. Check with your own insurance company to see if you are or can be covered. We suggest and advise you to take an individual accident insurance which will cover you personally.

  5. Booking conditions :

    Bookings can be made by email or by telephone : 0684162301
    French code 0033 684162301
    For your booking you will need to confirm time, dates and send a deposit of 100€ within 5 days.

    3100 route de l'Almanarre
    83400 HYERES

    You will recieve a confirmation email as soon as your deposit arrives.
    Total payment will be required at the beginning of the first lesson.

  6. Changes or cancelations :

    Your deposit can only be refunded in the following circonstances :
    If you change or cancel your booking dates 15 days before your reservation. After the 15 day delay your deposit will be conserved.

    In the case of cancelation from our part, ie weather conditions or for any other reason. We will rapidly arrange another booking date for you. IF the new booking dates do not correspond we will refund your deposit.

    A lesson which has already started for 1 hour or more will be counted for even if weather conditions change.
    A stage of 5 X 3 hours has to be totally paid at the beginning of your first lesson.
    A credit note is valid for one season i.e from April to November of the same year.To pass your credit note to the following year /season, a supplement of 20% of the credit note be demanded.

    If you fail to attends lessons once paid for, the lesson will be considered carried out.